Red Hat announces beta of Enterprise Virtualization 3.0.

Rad Hat has announced the availability of the beta of the next version of Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization (RHEV) platform version 3.0. This version will be the follow up of version 2.2, which was released in June last year.

RHEV provides functionalities for virtualizing servers (RHEVS) and since version 2.2. also desktops (RHEVD) based on the KVM hypervisor.

Some of the expected new features include:

  • RHEV Manager is now provided as a Java application running on JBoss on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), removing the dependency on Windows Server hosting the management console
  • Support for up to 128 logical CPU’s and 2TB memory for hosts.
  • Up to 64 vCPUs and 2TB memory for guest
  • SPICE WAN optimization and enhanced performance introducing dynamic compression, automatic tuning of desktop effects and color depth. SPICE also introduces enhanced support for Linux desktops.
  • KVM updated based on the latest RHEL 6
  • User portal for provisioning VMs, template definition and administration
  • RESTful API for pgogrammatically managing the environment
  • Multi-level administrative capabilities
  • New local storage capabilities
  • Integrated and embedded reporting engine