Microsoft gives sneak preview of upcoming features for the next version of Hyper-V

Until now, most of the news of the next version of Hyper-V focused on Microsoft integrating the technology in its next version client OS, Windows 8.

During its annual World Wide Partner Conference (WWPC) this year, Microsoft finally showed some of the features coming for the next version of its Server OS, called Windows Server 8, which shares the same development track as the client OS, and is expected to be released next year as well.

During WWPC Microsoft showed of two of hundreds of new capabilities which can be expected once the products gets released. The first one being providing support for more than 16 virtual processors. And the second one, which is more interesting, the introduction of a Hyper-V Replica feature, which will provide asynchronous virtual machine replication using the network for disaster recovery purposes.

Microsoft is expected to release more information about Windows Server 8, during the annual Microsoft BUILD conference, te be held September 13-16 in Anaheim.