Release: MokaFive BareMetal 1.0

In June last year, reported about the fact that MokaFive was working an the development of a client hypervisor called BareMetal, and today MokaFive announced the release of MokaFive BareMetal. The hypervisor requires 2 GB and a 64-bit compatible CPU to run.

Some of the featues BareMetal provides are:

  • Support for Intel, ATI and Nvidia GPUs
  • Single desktop image for all machines
  • Zero-touch upate across entire stack
  • Automated domain join process
  • Built-in remote desktop for support
  • End user self-recovery
  • TRIM support for latest SSD harddrives
  • Built in compression
  • AEL-256 encryption
  • Remote wipe

BareMetal will integrate into the MokaFive Suite, which is now at version 3.0. The MokaFive suite, provides a security wrapper for client side virtualization platforms, providing virtual desktops to end-users, called a Live-PC in the MokaFive suite. A Live-PC is managed centrally, but runs locally on Macintosh or Windows based computers after users downloaded their Live-PC via a Web link. The VM runs inside software virtualization environments like VMware Player or Fusion, Virtual Box or Parallels Workstation, but now also on MokaFive’s own type-1 client hypervisor.