Citrix releases a Service Provider Automation Pack

Citrix spokesman Bill Burley announced yesterday the release of Citrix Service Provider Automation Pack for XenApp 6, available exclusively for Citrix partners.

This release is the first of the newly formed Cloud App Delivery group at Citrix.

Citrix Service Provider Automation Pack is a set of powershell scripts aimed at automating some common tasks for a Desktop as a Service (DaaS) cloud provider.

There are three main aspects to the release:

  • Windows 7 Desktop Experience – XenApp 6 published desktops appearance can be customized to improve familarity with the environment for the end user.
  • Desktop and Multi-tenant Lock down and Security – the task of locking down permissions and available commands on the XenApp desktops can be accelerated using Citrix Service Provider Automation Pack, both for the individual desktops and the multi-tenant ones.
  • Farm Deployment – Citrix Service Provider Automation Pack introduces a standard method of managing the capacity of a service provider environment, aiming to reduce time and human errors in the whole process.