Paper: Advanced XenServer Networking Guide

The XenServer Engineering team has just released a new guide that provides advanced design and best practice information about networking.

The 89 pages of this new guide complete and extend informations contained in the Introduction on XenServer NetWorking  guide, released on December 2010.

The Advanced XenServer Networking guide covers, among others, the following topics:

  • Bonding
  • Storage networks
  • Jumbo frames
  • The Distributed Virtual Switch (“vSwitch”)
  • How to define networking requirements and select networking hardware

A separate guide has been made available about configuring iSCSI multipathing.

Illustration from the Advanced XenServer Networking guide: hosts connected to an external network, a VLAN network, and a single-server private network

Quoting the guide author Sarah Vallieres, senior technical writer in the XenServer team:

The goal of Designing XenServer Network Configurations isn’t to tell you everything you need to know about networking but rather focus on the best practices. The idea is that good design prevents issues later on