Release: VMTurbo Appliance update for April 2011

Last year April, started following a new startup called VMTurbo, which entered the capacity management solutions market. A few months later, the company launched its first product called the VMTurbo platform. Later that year, the company released as several other products to complement its offering, all becoming available within the Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) based virtual appliance it offers to host its products.

In Februari this year, VMTurbo announced a rebranding of its products into the VMTurbo Virtualization Management Suite, offering it in four different flavors, moving all of its released products into four different suites for customers to buy.


This week VMTurbo announced that it has updated its VMTurbo Appliance for the month April 2011. Apparently since our last coverage of the VMTurbo products, the company decided to release a new version of its appliance every month, which means that since November last year, the product released five updates already.

The release for April adds the following new features:

  • Ability to create custom groups of resources, both physical or virtual
  • Creation of custom logins, to enable customers views and the ability to show that custom login only a subset of resources for which privileges are available.
  • Identification of “Top 10” when looking at any set of data
  • Report interface organization refreshed
  • Awareness of VMware’s Distributed Resource Scaling (DRS) feature
  • Trend analysis in reports
  • ..