Release: Kaviza VDI-in-a-Box 4.1

Kaviza has released version 4.1 of their connection broker software VDI-in-a-Box. This version is the follow-up of version 4.0 which was released in January this year. Kaviza offers an all-in-one VDI solution that doesn’t require shared storage and dedicated load balanced connection brokers. Customers just have to deploy the Kaviza virtual appliance on their hypervisor of choice and they are ready to go.

New features include:

  • Built-in profile management using Citrix User Profile Manager
  • HDX Remote Access enabling single sign-on across firewalls to Kaviza desktops using the Citrix Access Gateway
  • Updated Citrix HDX stack
  • MAC Address pools
  • Citrix XenServer 5.6.1 support
  • Support for secure LDAP