Release: Liquidware Labs Stratusphere 4.8

Liquidware Labs has released version 4.8 of their VDI assessment tool Stratusphere. This version is the follow-up of version 4.6 which was released in May last year. Stratusphere is capable of rating physical desktop candidates for VDI environments or identify poor user experience in an existing VDI environment. It supports the VMware and Citrix hypervisors.

This release focuses on a tenfold increase in scalability per database hub, application IOPS reports, and expanded application virtualization reporting.

Some of the changes include:

  • Ability to scale to more than 10,000 desktops with a single Stratusphere hub using a single database server
  • Ability to gather and report on individual application IO Rate (Read + Write in Kbps) as well as IOPS (Read + Write) in addition to the overall machine IO Rate and IOPS.
  • Expanded reports, including Application Virtualization Targets and Application Virtualization Candidates for ThinApp, taking into account applications using Shell extensions and DCOM. Reports also filter out system applications and services.
  • Assess the size of user authored data on local desktops, used for determining VDI storage sizing
  • Measure GPU (Graphical Processing Units) per machine, used to help determine graphics capability
  • Detection and reporting of locally installed printers, used to help determine VDI complexity