Tech: Mobile management apps for virtualization professionals

Richard Garsthagen, who is an Senior Evangelist at VMware EMEA posted a interesting blogpost on the run-virtual blog detailing some mobile management solutions for managing VMware virtual infrastructures. The applications tested are in the price range from free till $595.

The following applications were tested:

  • iDataCenter (iPad Native App- €11.99)
  • iVMControl (iPhone Native App- €7.99)
  • OPS1 (iPhone native App- FREE)
  • Rove Mobile Admin (Windows Mobile/Android/Blackberre/Iphone native apps – $595)
  • vCenter Mobile Access (Mobile webpages – Free)
  • VMware vSphere client for iPad (iPad – Unknown price, not released yet)



"…So what should you get for xmas? I have to say that the iDataCenter and iVMControl app are pricey for what they have to offer. They are not really enterprise class management apps, more like a nice gimmick, where the iVMControl app is clearly much better then the iDataCenter App, the OPS1 is by far the best of the 3 and also the only one that is FREE The Rove Mobile Admin might be extensive, but if you are only looking to manage your VMware environment the price is very high. The app comes in 3 versions and starting with the middle (pro) version you get VMware support, but $595 is a lot, unless you get your company to pay for this luxury If you want the most functionality to manage your VMware environment on any device I would highly recommend the VMware vCenter Mobile Access appliance. It is free and by far provides the most useful operations and more important, information that help you make the right decisions. Sure it is ‘just’ a mobile web app, so you miss the coolness of a smooth native app, but it is fast and reliable…"