Tool: V2V Migration from OSS Xen to XenServer

Citrix has made available a new tool which supports moving xend based Virtual Machines to Citrix XenServer and the Xen Cloud Platform (XCP). The tool is written in Python and can work either through using command line options, or by parsing a Xen guest configuration file. The tool is capable of outputting to an xva file, or when connected to a remote XenServer/XCP host stream the VM directly. It supports both paravirtualized and Hardware-assisted virtualization (HVM) based VMs.

The Xen Cloud Platform which was announced in August last year is a set of tools, of course distributed as open source, which extends the capability of the hypervisor as a cloud computing platform. It is supported by all the members of the advisory board, including Citrix, HP, Intel, Novell and Oracle and now at version 0.5 and was released in July this year, to be available as a stable release suitable for long-term use.