PHD Virtual starts beta for Virtual Backup 5.1 for Citrix XenServer

In September this year, PHD Virtual released the first version of its Backup for Citrix XenServer product. Apparently they decided later to release this first version as version 5.0. Yesterday PHD Virtual announced the start of the beta for PHD Virtual Backup 5.1 for Citrix XenServer. PHD Virtual expects to make the product generally available this month as well.

The product is delivered as a virtual appliance, and integrates directly into XenCenter offering a "single pane of glass". It can backup running and powered down VMs and VM Templates, without compromising hypervisor performance or impact Dom0.


This release will provide the following new features:

•Advanced File Level Recovery – quickly recover files without the need to restore a full VM

•Flexible Backup Storage – extended support for network based backup storage

•Application Object Recovery – Use your existing tools to quickly restore application objects (database object, mailbox, mail message, etc.) directly from backup storage

•Support for Tape Backup Solutions – Quick and easy export to existing tape solutions

•Enhanced Retention and Archiving – Policy based backup trim options; long term archiving