Zenoss releases ZenPack for VMware esxtop

Zenoss announced the release of a Free ZenPack which leverages esxtop, the ESX/ESXi equivalent of the Unix "Top" command.

Zenoss is an open source monitoring and system management tool, which is provided in a free Core version and a commercial Enterprise version and is provided as several installers for Linux distributions and Mac OS X or as a VMware Virtual Appliance. Zenpacks provide the functionality of what is monitored within Zenoss.

By running esxtop you can see real-time system performance data of your ESX/ESXi servers, helping you to troubleshoot your VMware environment. The ZenPack integrates this functionality within Zenoss.

The Zenpack provides:

  • Automatically captures and graphs performance metrics from ESX/ESXi servers
  • Allows the setting of thresholds and exception alerting based on performance metrics and events as they occur
  • Keeps historical data for in-depth root cause analysis

zenoss core esxtop graphs

Thanks to Eric Sloof for providing the news…