Release: eG Innovations VDI Monitor 1.0

eG Innovations released version 1.0 of its eG VDI Monitor. eG VDI Monitor which is part of the eG Enterprise Suite is a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) end-to-end service monitoring solution capable of monitoring all involved components in a VDI infrastructure. The product supports the Citrix, LeoStream and VMware View connection brokers. Besides that eG VDI Monitor supports all three major hypervisors and VDI solutions from VMware, Citrix and Microsoft, but also mixed configuration environments consisting of products from these vendors.

As mentioned before, the product provides end-to-end monitoring , which means that it tracks performance inside the guest OS giving details about the user activity, at the Virtual Machine (VM) level and outside the VM, which consists of the Virtual Infrastructure, but also components like firewalls, network switches and routers.

Using root-cause analysis the VDI Monitoring tool can measure availability and performance across these components in order to detect downtime and performance issues. Administrators don’t have to define specfic tresholds, the products is capable of defining self-tuning tresholds and based on that will report on anomalies. eG VDI Monitor is also capable of resource and capacity planning , using the collected metrics.

Interesting is that eG also offers the eG VDI Monitor-on-Tap service which uses a web-based architecture. Software agents are installed on needed servers in your VDI infrastructure, and communicate over HTTP/HTTPS with a Management Server hosted in the eG Cloud, which can be accessed using a web based console. Communication is initiated from the agent only. More information can be obtained from Vishal Ganeriwala on the Citrix Blog, which wrote an extensive article about this cloud hosted solution.


eG Innovations also provides other monitoring solutions, including the VM Monitor product which is capable of monitoring the virtualization platform using performance data from the guest and the host. VM Monitor is also part of the eG Enterprise Suite.

eG VDI Monitor can also be used to complement Citrix EdgeSight, when that product is already used in a Citrix XenDesktop environment.

In order to give more exposure to the VDI Monitor product, eG Innovations announced that that customers of Citrix XenDesktop may use eG’s VDI Monitor-on-Tap monitoring service free for up to 60 days.