Desktone replaces its CEO

In July the VDI startup Desktone lost its Vice President of Strategy, Jeff Fisher, who took a position at RES Software as Vice President of Business Development. 
At the end of August the company had another change in the executive ranks: its CEO Harry Ruda has been replaced by Peter McKay.

McKay served as executive in the board of directors of many companies for short period of time (no more than 3 years): Apperian, Automated QA, Lagan Technologies and Application Security. He even joined Insight Venture Partners as partner for an even shorter period of time.
The most significant mark of its career anyway is his position as President and CEO of Watchfire, a firm focused on application security testing and compliance management that IBM acquired in mid 2007.

Ruda, who founded Softricity and sold it to Microsoft in 2006, remains in the board of directors as Chairman.