Release: Veeam ONE 1.0

A few weeks ago, before the VMworld conference, Veeam released a new integrated monitoring and reporting solution called ONE.

ONE 1.0 includes Veeam Reporter and Veeam Business View, plus a monitoring solution of choice between Veeam Monitor, nWorks Management Pack for Microsoft System Center Operation Manager (SCOM) and nWorks Smart Plug-in for HP Operations Manager. So basically ONE comes in three editions.

The product is not just a commercial bundle: the company worked to integrate the products together as a single platform. For instance the combination of Monitor, Reporter and Business View is now called Veeam Monitor Plus.
This specific combination is also available as a free edition because Veeam offers free, limited versions of both Monitor and Reporter.


The stand-alone products are still available but over time is entirely possible that Veeam will move to just offer this integrated package.
Last week the startup VKernel moved in a similar direction by announcing an integrated solution built from stand-alone products. The two companies are not yet in direct competition yet, but it’s evident that VKernel is keen to increase its presence in the monitoring and reporting market and that Veeam has similar interests for the capacity management space.

ONE 1.0 pricing starts at $550 per socket.