Release: PHD Virtual Backup for Citrix XenServer 1.0

In the last four years PHD Virtual (formerly PHD Technologies) has been solely focused on the VMware market, competing with larger companies like Quest/Vizioncore and Veeam. But in early 2010 the startup decided to extend its support to other virtual infrastructures. This led to an investment from Citrix in May, and to the release of Backup for Citrix XenServer 1.0 last week.

The new product offers the same look & feel of the VMware version but the feature-set is not completely aligned yet.
PHD Virtual clarified to that this doesn’t depend on any technical constrain or lack of R&D resources: simply, the company delivered the XenSource version as soon as possible and so had to prioritize the delivery of certain capabilities. 
In the coming months, the two version will share exactly the same capabilities.

The company published a video of the new product in action:


Quite interestingly, PHD Virtual is also working on a version of Backup for Microsoft Hyper-V, which should be available before the end of the year.