ToutVirtual signs an OEM agreement with Symantec

ToutVirtual is a US startup that entered the virtualization market in February 2006. The company initially focused its management solution on VMware platforms, and then slowly added support for Xen (the Citrix, Novell and Oracle implementations) and Hyper-V.

So far the flagship product, which changed names from ShieldIQ to VirtualIQ to VirtualIQ Pro, didn’t win any relevant market share. The company barely updated it three times in four years: the last version, 3.0, is dated January 2009.

But something is moving again: two days ago the company announced an OEM agreement with Symantec to include Backup Exec System Recovery (BESR) in the upcoming VirtualIQ Pro 4.0.

ToutVirtual will use Backup Exec to provide continuous backups, application-aware backups, as well as physical to virtual (P2V), virtual to physical (V2P) and virtual to virtual (V2V) migrations.

No other details about the next version of VirtualIQ Pro are provided except a screenshot: