HyTrust partners with Catbird

Two well-known security players in the virtualization market, HyTrust and Catbird, just announced a technology partnership to integrate their two flagship products.

The HyTrust Appliance  provides control and compliance for host machines by analyzing, authorizing and creating an audit trail for all virtualization administration operations and enforcing correct host configuration; while Catbird vSecurity proactively secures the virtual network and guest operating systems by analyzing and responding to network events and attack, and enforcing correct VM configuration.

HyTrust data will be incorporated into Catbird’s compliance framework. From the Catbird Command Center, IT administrators will be able to manage and monitor the automated and continually-updated compliance posture of a data center. Rolled up into a single view, the combined information covers more controls than any other solution in the marketplace, simplifying auditing and reporting for regulators and security directors monitoring compliance changes in the move from P to V.