Ericom announces full support for Microsoft RemoteFX

In March Microsoft announced the upcoming released of a new remote desktop protocol technology called RemoteFX, acquired by Calista in January 2008.
RemoteFX which can be considered an accelerator for RDP over the LAN, will arrive with Windows Server R2 Service Pack 1 and will be integrated in Remote Desktop Services (RDS), possibly by the end of this year.

Immediately after, a number of players in the server-based computing market announced their upcoming support for the technology, including AMD, AppliedMicro, Citrix, DevonIT, HP, Quest, ThinLinx, Via and Wyse Technology.

Ericom joins the group today, announcing full support for RemoteFX within its PowerTerm WebConnect:

Ericom has just completed verifying that Ericom PowerTerm WebConnect supports this new and innovative Microsoft protocol. In fact, PowerTerm WebConnect is the only available connection broker for VDI and Terminal Services today that supports Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 and RemoteFX.

Customers that are interested in trying the solution can send an email to the company.