RingCube achieves interoperability certification for vDesk

After years of silence, the startup RingCube relaunched its flagship product in March, replacing the MojoPac brand (and its focus on the consumer market) with vDesk and a new effort to win the enterprise segment.

vDesk acts like a wrapper for hosted virtualization platforms, which can enforce corporate security policies and that can be centrally managed. It competes against products like Microsoft MED-V (formerly Kidaro Workspaces), Sentillion vThere (acquired by Microsoft too) and VMware ACE.

The company just achieved the OPSWAT OESIS OK interoperability certification for vDesk 3.0.

OPSWAT is a very small US company founded in 2002 which develops and sells OESIS, a software framework that developers can adopt to manage third party security applications.
OPSWAT also maintains a certification program, the OESIS OK, that verifies the compatibility between these security applications, including antivirus, antispyware, personal firewalls, hard disk encryption, VPN clients and much more.

OPSWAT just added a new category to its program, Virtual Machines, and vDesk is the first product to appear there.
The Gold Certification level achieved means that vDesk is able to interoperate with other certified products on the following tasks:

  • Detection of product
  • Get hypervisor type
  • Is machine virtual
  • Enumerate virtual machines
  • Get virtual machine info
  • Get VM network config
  • Start virtual machine
  • Pause virtual machine
  • Stop virtual machine 
  • Resume virtual machine