Release: VKernel StorageVIEW 1.0

In March the startup VKernel launched a simple and extremely effective free tool called CapacityVIEW: a single-window dashboard to immediately recognize the virtual infrastructure elements (data centers, clusters, hosts, virtual machines, resource pools, data stores), the resources allocation (both physical and virtual) and the amount of alerts that VMware vCenter is raising at any given moment.

In May the company repeated the experiment launching AppVIEW, another minimal dashboard that evaluates and presents potential CPU, memory, disk and storage I/O bottlenecks by collecting 30 days of performance stats.

Last week VKernel added a third free piece to its arsenal. This one is called StorageVIEW: it identifies the top five host/datastore pairs and their associated VMs with the highest storage I/O latency in a VMware environment:

It supports Fibre Channel, iSCSI and NFS SAN protocols and, of course, if a customer wants to have a more extensive analysis he’s welcome to upgrade to the Capacity Analyzer.