Virtual Computer to release a stand-alone client hypervisor

Just yesterday Virtual Computer released a free version of its platform wrapper NxTop.
The product, capped to 5 managed computers, includes the Xen-based client hypervisor and the management console NxTop Center.

While free of charge, customers that look at it as a consumer technology may be disappointed: there’s no way in fact to create new virtual machines on the local console without installing and using NxTop Center.

But Virtual Computer’s Senior Director of Product Management & Marketing, Doug Lane, just informed that a stand-alone client hypervisor is in the work too:

…we have a stand-alone hypervisor option in the works that will allow users to create VMs directly on the client hypervisor in cases where they do not wish to stand up a Hyper-V server. We expect to have this out within the next couple of months. This will open up the NxTop free download to an even larger population of potential users.