Is Trustware shifting its focus on mobile virtualization?

The startup Trustware launched in August 2006, entering the application virtualization market with a consumer-oriented product called BufferZone.

BufferZone didn’t get much traction so far and the company updated it just four times in four years. And now there’s a chance that the company will shift its focus out of the x86 virtualization market.

A recent article appeared on titles Trustware develops the pioneering malware for Android:

The first of a kind of malware for Google’s Android smartphone OS has been designed by a group of researchers at Trustware.

The malware aids in easy access of private information, such as bank credentials, text messages, GPS coordinates and call logs from the smartphone, claims the researchers from Trustware.

If Trustware is investing in security research on the Google Android platform, then it’s entirely possible that the company is working to bring its application virtualization platform on that operating system and on the ARM architecture.