VMware to change ConfigControl name into Change Insight – UPDATED

Eric Sloof, of NTPRO.nl fame, recently published an interesting rumor about an upcoming name change for the VMware vCenter ConfigControl product.

ConfigControl has been announced in January 2009 with a bunch of other products but VMware never delivered it.
And now, before reaching the general availability, it seems that the product will be rebranded as vCenter Change Insight.

Like other change management products, this one offers a number of highly desirable features for enterprise customers that are working with large-scale virtual infrastructures and soon cloud computing platforms:

  • Auto-documents environment, all entities, relationships, dependencies
  • Tracks and alerts on configuration and relationship changes real time
  • Assesses configurations against past, peers and best practices
  • Takes corrective actions via policies (e.g. call out to Orchestrator)

Sloof reports that the product is “soon to be released”. We definitively hope so considering the huge delay seen so far.

Update: The change is confirmed, according to an official VMware presentation delivered at a recent VForum conference:

Thanks to our anonymous tipster.