VMware loses its VP and GM of Desktop Business Unit – UPDATED

Last week virtualization.info covered the departure of Andrew Lee, the VMware’s former Director of Corporate Business Development, in charge for a number of acquisitions, including the SpringSource one.

But apparently there’s much more going on in Palo Alto: virtualization.info got a hint that Jocelyn Goldfein, Vice President and General Manager of the Desktop Business Unit, is gone too.

The news is not official, and there’s no trace of changes on her LinkedIn profile or in the VMware’s Leadership page, but we are able to confirm that she’s no more at VMware.
Goldfein is officially on sabbatical and the BU reports to Raghu Raghuram, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Virtualization and Cloud Platforms.

On top of that, there are other, unconfirmed at this point, movements around the desktop division: Patrick Harr, the Vice President of Desktop Virtualization Sales and Marketing, is apparently now focused just on sales, while Vittorio Viarengo, Vice President of Desktop Products stepped in to lead the desktop marketing effort.

Update: Now that the news is public, Goldfein finally updated her LinkedIn status, unveiling that her next position will be at Facebook. This is a pretty significant change and it’s rather interesting that a pure web company like this may be interested in an executive expert in client virtualization technologies. Unless Facebook has plans to release a client operating system to rival with the upcoming Google Chrome OS and wants to leverage some hardware virtualization.