Lanamark launches Suite Express beta, finally targets end-users

The Canadian startup Lanamark today announced a new edition of its capacity planning product Suite.

Simply dubbed Suite Express, the product will be free of charge and finally available for end-users and not just IT service providers.

Suite Express enables discovery of Windows, Linux, NetWare and UNIX workloads across desktops and servers. Users can also collect inventory information from virtual machines and virtual machine hosts running Citrix XenServer, Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware ESX. Once IT assets are discovered, Lanamark Suite Express Edition offers free-form search across physical and virtual infrastructure as well as business-centric IT infrastructure reporting online.

Of course the product has some limitations, like the restriction to 50,000 discoverable systems only, and some missing features in the reporting, designing and administration modules.

Lanamark published a comprehensive comparison between the existing version (now called Services Edition) and this new one:


The restrictions turn the platform more into an enhanced inventory tool than a capacity planner, but the key point is that with it customers can finally taste the technology without having to rely on solution providers.

Right now Suite Express is in public beta and will be demonstrated next week at the Citrix Synergy conference, another move, after the partnership with Oracle, to clarify that Lanamark is much interested in pursuing more opportunities that just the ones available in the VMware ecosystem.

The GA release is planned for June 15.