Release: MokaFive Suite 2.8

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At the beginning of April, MokaFive secured its third round of funding, collecting almost $40M in four years.

Just one month after, the company finally releases a new version of its security wrapper for hosted virtualization platforms: Suite 2.8

The MokaFive foundation engine included in Suite, Live PC, leverages a hosted virtualization platform to control and secure a virtual machine.
At the beginning the product used VMware Player. Then MokaFive decided to switch the engine to Parallels Workstation. Then back to VMware Player and VMware Fusion.
Now Suite 2.8 introduces beta support for another virtualization engine: Oracle VirtualBox (not clear what version).

The company also announced its intention to embrace additional platforms in the future, which is an interesting strategy considering that no other product on the market offers support for multiple virtualization engines.

Apparently, there are no additional new features in Suite 2.8.