Microsoft to make a major announcement tomorrow?

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Tomorrow Microsoft will kick off its Management Summit (MMS) 2010 in Las Vegas and while there is no information about the keynotes content, we may have some important announcements related to virtualization and cloud computing.

The conference tagline this year in fact says “Manage the Future – Desktop to Cloud”. More importantly, Microsoft specifically advertised the April 20 and 21 keynotes live streams on its virtualization blog, which is something pretty unusual, with hinted about “demos of new and upcoming products”.

Microsoft is expected to unveil its plans to compete against Amazon with a portion of Azure able to work as an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud. Or at least this is what the company’s Chief Software Architect Ray Ozzie suggested five months ago.

Ready or not to deliver such facility, Microsoft may want to counter the big announcement that Salesforce and VMware are about to make on April 27.

Very likely, the company will at least announce its private cloud toolkit, which was expected for March.