DynamicOps introduces support for HP Server Automation in VRM

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Born as a as a spin-out of Credit Suisse, the US startup DynamicOps launched almost two years ago, introducing a very interesting multi-hypervisor management console, Virtual Resource Manager (VRM), which merges together VM lifecycle management and virtual lab automation capabilities.

After a great start in 2008, when it hired away a couple of key executives from PlateSpin (now part of Novell) and Dunes Technologies (now part of VMware), the company remained under the radar for a very long time, releasing just one minor update in June 2009.

In December 2009 the company announced integration with BMC BladeLogic Ops Manager, in February 2010 it announced integration with NetApp FlexClone technology, and last week they announced integration with HP Server Automation.

Besides that, it’s not clear how much the product evolved in these two years: the company marketing renamed version 1.0 in version 3.0 right after the launch in 2008, one year later VRM just reached version 3.2, and this month Redmond Magazine mentions a version 3.3, which should be the current one.

At the end of December 2008 the company even promised support for VMware View 3 to arrive in early 2009, but the announcement never came.
While the support for NetApp FlexClone and the marketing literature let us assume that it’s there, it’s not even clear if VRM supports new version 4.0 or not.