Citrix now officially recommends Novell PlateSpin Recon

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At the beginning of March, Citrix and Novell started a new partnership on virtualization.
Both offer commercial grade hypervisors based on Xen, but Novell is extending its interest to KVM, following the rival Red Hat.

Despite the evident competition to win Linux shops, Novell agreed to provide joint technical support for customers running SLES on XenServer, and Citrix agreed to use PlateSpin Recon internally and across its Solutions Advisors partner network.

The deal works quite for Citrix which lacks capacity planning tools as part of its virtual infrastructure and may be not ready to acquire a startup in this space.
It works less well for Novell, which is certainly interested in pushing the PlateSpin business, but continues to give confusing messages about its hypervisor strategy.

It seems that the deal works so well for Citrix that it started promoting Recon to the customers, explicitly recommending it on the corporate blog.
If the effort generate a concrete interest, it may help Citrix to reconsider an acquisition, and the company may go for something more VDI and application oriented, like Lanamark or Liquidware Labs solutions.