Release: Lanamark Suite 2010

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After introducing a new subscription model for its online capacity planning platform, Lanamark releases today the new version.

Suite 2010 includes three new modules:

  • Compatibility Pack for Microsoft Windows 7
    It provides detailed information on applications and hardware compatible with Windows 7. Each application is given a compatibility rating for 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows 7. Information on whether a free or a paid application upgrade is required is also provided. Similarly, all desktops and laptops are checked for compatibility based on hardware configuration and device driver availability.
  • Application Analysis Pack
    It identifies and categorizes software applications using the Lanamark Software Intelligence (LSI) recognition engine and an up-to-date repository with thousands of unique application fingerprints. It enables analysis of how applications are used, whether applications are launched locally or on terminal servers and what compute, storage and network resources are consumed. The Application Analysis Pack also calculates the number of machines, processors and cores available to each application. This information is critical for computing licensing requirements, reducing licensing costs and ensuring software compliance.
  • User Analysis Pack
    It helps determine user and licensing requirements based on applications, desktops and laptops used by each user across time. It also provides key user attributes such as organizational unit and department from Active Directory, distinguishes between office-based and mobile users and categorizes users based on application usage patterns into task worker, knowledge worker and power user classes. The User Analysis Pack tracks the number of concurrent and unique application users, enabling licensing optimization for applications licensed in this manner.

Looking at the last two modules it’s evident how Lanamark is positioning itself as one of the very first capacity planning vendors able to provide intelligence for applications migration inside client hypervisors (which may have a big role in future VDI architectures) and large scale application virtualization projects.

VDI and application virtualization vendors (Citrix, Microsoft, VMware, Symantec at least) and management vendors that are leveraging hardware virtualization (Virtual Computer) may find Lanamark increasingly interesting as an acquisition target now that the market is maturing and more customers start their pilots.