Release: VKernel Capacity Analyzer 4.3

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Last week the startup VKernel, which just replaced its CEO, released a minor update for its capacity planning tool.

Capacity Analyzer includes a number of bug fixes but it also introduces a major addition: support for Microsoft Hyper-V, introduced in the December public beta.

As previously discussed, this is the immediate reaction to the VMware entrance in the capacity planning market with vCenter Capacity IQ.

While the Microsoft market share is still consistently smaller than the VMware one, it’s true that the Hyper-V ecosystem lacks of many tools in several areas that are critical to complete the virtual data center. So this move may bring to VKernel more success than what it could ever obtain just sticking with VMware.
On its side, Microsoft will probably be very happy to promote its new partner as a sign of the growing interest for its hypervisor.