Embotics partners with Surgient

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Despite a new $4 million investment secured at the end of 2008, Embotics has been mostly silent in the last few months.

The company released version 3.0 of their lifecycle management product V-Commander at the end of August, but it didn’t introduce groundbreaking new features that show the vision and strategy of the startup.

This sort of information may come from a different front: just before the VMworld 2009, Embotics announced a partnership with Surgient, one of the oldest virtual lab automation firms currently on the market.

Unfortunately the press announcement does everything but explain what this partnership will actually imply.

It may be an OEM agreement where V-Commander embeds part of the Surgient Virtual Automation Platform engine.
It may be a technology agreement where Embotics and Surgient work together to develop a new product that does both VM lifecycle management and virtual lab automation.
Or it may be just a joint marketing effort where the two companies sales teams try to sell the two products as a single bundle.

The press announcement doesn’t even say when the joint effort will actually take place.
But for sure it’s clear that Embotics has an interest in VLA tools, and may move next year to do more than just partnerships.