Release: ManageIQ EVM Suite 2.3

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Finally, after a long time under the scenes, ManageIQ gives a sign of its presence and updates Enterprise Virtualization Manager (EVM) Suite.

The startup had more than one year to extend the already very good EVM Suite 2.0. The new 2.3 version introduce support for VMware vSphere 4.0:

  • Agentless management of ESX 4 and 4i hosts
  • Federation of VMware vCenter 4.0 and VirtualCenter 3.x
  • Support for VMware VMsafe APIs in compliance enforcement
  • Integration with VMware vCenter Orchestrator

This support allows ManageIQ to extend vSphere in a number of areas like self-service provisioning, virtual machines lifecycle management, capacity planning and chageback analysis. had the opportunity to see this new release running live at VMworld 2009 and recognize its huge potential.
Unfortunately it is impossible to report on what we saw because of the complexity and vastness of EVM. Anyway we plan to release a full review in the coming months.