VMware looks for a CTO for the desktop division, hires the Google Director of Engineering

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Just yesterday virtualization.info reported how Citrix is reorganizing its application virtualization division by appointing a new CTO.

VMware is doing exactly the same: virtualization.info has learned from trusted sources that the company is looking for a new CTO just for the desktop division, to take care of View, ThinApp, the new remote desktop in co-development with Teradici, and probably the client hypervisor as well.
This new CTO won’t replace the well-known Steve Herrod but rather work side by side with him to lead the VDI and application virtualization effort.

By a coincidence, this morning TechCrunch reports that Mark Lucovsky, Director of Engineering at Google, left the search engine to take a job at VMware.

Lucovsky spent five years at Google. Before that he was a distinguished engineer at Microsoft, where he wrote most of the kernel executive, kernel32, and the Windows API for Windows NT.

When he left to join Google in November 2004, Steve Ballmer, the Microsoft CEO, didn’t have a friendly reaction.

Lucovsky spent 16 years in Microsoft and the new VMware CEO, Paul Maritz should know him pretty well (Maritz was one of the top executives at Microsoft from 1986 to 2000).
It’s not confirmed if Lucovsky is going to become the new VMware CTO for the desktop division but if there’s one that knows how to improve an application virtualization platform for Windows he’s the one.