Quest/Provision Networks launches vWorkspace 6.2 and Mac AppPortal beta programs

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The VDI division of Quest, Provision Networks, is preparing to release the next version of its vWorkspace (formerly Virtual Access Suite or VAS) connection broker.

The beta 1 of vWorkspace 6.2 is mainly a bugfix release but it also enhances the support for multiple monitor configurations, for USB redirection and for the graphic acceleration (which now supports CPU throttling on the client).

Side by side with this beta Quest/Provision Networks also launched a second, more interesting beta program, unveiling its first client for Apple Mac OS X: Mac AppPortal.

In this first beta the only features that have been implemented are:

  • creating and editing connections, saving them to and loading from a persistent storage (disk database)
  • retrieving application lists from the broker
  • launching applications in RDP session
  • sharing RDP sessions for new application when there’s a session that is already running

To enroll for the beta programs above you have to create an account for the Provision Networks download facility.