VMware acquired Propero for $25 million, part of the team leaves

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One week ago virtualization.info broke the news about the departure of Karthik Rau, Vice President of Product Management and Worldwide Marketing, and a key member of the original leadership team that led VMware in the early days.

An anonymous source sent us a tip on that news suggesting to double-check the employment status of some key members of the View (formerly Virtual Desktop Manager or VDM) team, arrived at VMware after the 2007 acquisition of Propero.

Two of them left the company to start a consulting firm:

A third member of the original Propero team left VMware immediately after the acquisition and now joined again his former colleagues: Steve Roberts, Business Development at Propero.

One of their profiles is specially interesting as it reveals the price that VMware paid in 2007 to have Propero: $25 million.
At that time the terms of the deal were not disclosed.