Release: KACE Virtual Kontainers 1.0

kace logo

In September 2008 the management system company KACE announced the acquisition of a small application virtualization firm called Computers In Motion.

Six months later KACE is ready to launch on the market the acquired technology, rebranded as Virtual Kontainers, and start a harsh competition with Microsoft, Citrix, VMware and all the other companies that we list on the Virtualization Industry Radar.

KACE is offering this product as part of their KBOX appliance that provides centralized management:


It’s not clear if it will be available as a stand-alone software but for now it seems evident that KACE is trying to mimic Altiris: the company (acquired by Symantec in January 2007) used to offer an application virtualization platform (SVS) which could be centrally administered by its enterprise management console.

The Virtualization Industry Radar has been updated accordingly.