AMD shows a VM live migration from Quad-Core to Six-Core Opterons. This time with VMware, not KVM

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The last time AMD showed a public video of a live migration it turned a number of heads.

The company used an unreleased and unrevealed management console for KVM (which is probably what Red Hat is about to launch), showing how a virtual machine could be live migrated between an AMD Quad-Core Opteron (codename Barcelona) and an Intel Xeon DP Quad Core E5420.

This time AMD is a little more careful, and unsurprisingly decides to change its demo product, switching from Red Hat/KVM to VMware (there’s a lot of partnership to build against Intel here).

The VI 3.5 virtual machine is migrated from a Quad-Core Opteron (65nm) to a Quad-Core Opteron (45nm) to the upcoming Six-Core Opteron codenamed Istanbul (45nm):


This video is now broadcasted on, the new webTV channel of