Provision Networks closes major OEM deal with secret Tier 1 vendor, Vizioncore scores 15,000 customers

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Yesterday Quest held its Q4 2008 earning call and its new President and CEO Douglas Garn reported a couple of interesting details talking about the virtualization subsidiaries:

  • On the service side of our virtualization, Vizioncore continues to deliver very strong results. We had record revenue in Q4, despite the economic conditions. We closed out the year of 2008 with over 15,000 clients within Vizioncore, which is absolutely remarkable. Certainly we’re hoping that they more than double that this year.
  • On the desktop side, again we continue to see strong traction on the desktop virtualization area. Customers are highly interested and we’re engaged in many, many positive opportunities. We’ve signed a significant OEM deal with one of the top tier one hardware vendors and it’s a nice size opportunity for us, but cannot give you any more detail.

In the second statement Garn is referring to Provision Networks division, which Quest acquired in November 2007.
It’s not clear anyway if the OEM agreement he’s talking about is the one with HP, which silently embedded the Provision Networks Desktop Optimization Pack in its revamped VDI offering in December 2008.