Citrix makes its effort for the iPhone official

citrix logo

The virtualization community has different opinions on the value of running a remote desktop inside a tiny screen like the one that the Apple iPhone offers.

Nonetheless when Citrix presented the idea for the first time at the Application Delivery Conference 2008, even if it was just a trick, it raised a lot of attention.

On stage the company hinted at a new ICA client delivered as a native iPhone application, but never made an official statement or suggested a release date.

Now the project Braeburn, this is how it’s called internally, becomes official: Citrix is developing a Receiver for the iPhone.
More than that Citrix teamed up with Apple to use the unique hardware capabilities of this mobile device.

The company set up an entire community website around this project, but stays vague about the release date, suggesting a generic H1 2009 but here a hint for you.

On Dec. 1st launched a Call for Papers for its upcoming Virtualization Congress 2009, May 5-7, in Las Vegas.
The submitted sessions (over 50 so far!) will be published here on Jan 5th so you can vote for the most interesting ones.
Look at those submissions and see if you can spot anything about this topic.

Meanwhile we all hope that Citrix can convince Apple to release a device that looks like an iPhone but it’s as big as an Amazon Kindle, to use it as the definitive Nirvana Device. Citrix please.