Release: Veeam Configurator 2.0

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Exactly one year after the last update, Veeam finally revamps Configurator, its product for configuration and change management.

In this new major release the company re-engineered the engine, which now automatically discovers VMware ESX and ESXi configurations, saving them in so called host profile templates. 
The administrator can apply those saved profiles to multiple new VMware hosts at the same time.

Then Configurator 2.0 can scan the hosts on recurring basis and allow the administrator to reapply the correct profile.


As some readers may remember the upcoming VMware Infrastructure 4.0 will introduce a similar feature with a similar name: host profiles.
Veeam doesn’t see this as a problem but instead looks forward to build innovation on top of that capability. Meanwhile VMware administrators can enjoy the feature today with Configuration 2.0.

Download a trial here.

The Virtualization Industry Roadmap has been updated accordingly.