Replicate Technologies leaves the stealth mode and enters the configuration management segment

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Today a new startup leaves the stealth mode: Replicate Technologies.

The company was founded in US last year by Rich Pelavin, now covering the role of CTO, and Ken Novak, its Chief Architect.
Pelavin comes from Cisco where he was Director of Engineering while Novak comes from CGNET where he was CTO.
The startup CEO is Rich Miller, coming from Univa UD where he was COO. Miller maintains a really high quality personal blog about virtualization and security.
It’s very important to note that with these three there is a forth key figure, Oren Teich, Vice President of Product Management, who comes from Sun where we was responsible of the upcoming xVM virtualization product line.

Despite the headquarter is in Menlo Park and the company is brand new, Replicate is not yet VC funded.

The first product launched is called Replicate Datacenter Analyzer (RDA), a scanner that analyzes a give virtual infrastructure and recognizes its configuration errors.

RDA 1.0 is a modular platform and each of its modules can discover different types of problems: misconfiguration on the service console firewall, NICs and physical cabling errors, issues that prevent VMotion and/or DRS, etc.

Once RDA found the configuration mistakes (through an agent-less scanning) it suggests a series of steps to recover:


The product is very interesting and it’s definitively worth of a deep review: Replicate Technologies published a series of demo for this purpose.

At its first release RDA, released as virtual appliance, only supports VMware Infrastructure 3 but the company is working to add other major virtualization products. 
Replicate Technologies sells it starting at $500 per year subscription (2-way server).

Download a trial here.

Replicate Technologies has been added to the Virtualization Industry Radar.

RDA 1.0 has been included in the Virtualization Industry Roadmap.