Release: VMware ESX 3.5 Update 3

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Almost one month after VirtualCenter, VMware updates also ESX to version 3.5 Update 3.

Pretty much like for VirtualCenter, this new build (123630) is mainly for bugfixes. Nonetheless there are some important improvements:

  • Support for 20 vCPUs / core (previous limit was 8 or 11, in case of VDI workloads)
  • Support for Solaris 10 Update 5, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.7 and Ubuntu 8.04.1
  • Support for Broadcom 5771x 10GB NICs (despite the TOE aboard is not supported)
  • Support for Broadcom HT1000 and Intel ICH-7 SATA controllers
  • Experimental support for Intel MFSYS25 SAS networked controller
  • Experimental support for a new VMDK Recovery Tool (a script that recovers deleted VMDK data stores on VMFS volumes)
  • and more

Download the trial here.