More than 20 partners announces support for Microsoft Hyper-V

It’s not a secret that Microsoft did a poor job in the past to pitch Virtual Server 2005 giving VMware a competitive advantage at least in terms of exposure.
They are recovering now with Hyper-V, calling to action the entire industry.

On Monday over 20 partners, including AMD, BMC, CA, CiRBA, Desktone, LeftHand, NetApp, rPath, SteelEye, Sun, Surgient, Tripwire, Unysis and more, announced the immediate and future support for the new hypervisor, as well as interoperability agreements.

The whole list is here.

Of course the round of announcements was aimed at disturbing the VMworld, the VMware conference that will take place next week in Las Vegas.
The 14,000 (this is not a typo) delegates expected will have a hard time deciding who’s worth their time.