The hypervisor powering Phoenix HyperCore is Xen

By now it’s well-known that Phoenix Technologies, the historical BIOS manufacturer, is entering the virtualization market with its own hypervisor.

Despite that, so far the company didn’t provide many details about the virtualization platform internals.

Now the LinuxWorld keynote given by Simon Crosby, CTO of Management and Virtualization department at Citrix, unveils that the engine behind HyperCore is Xen:


The slide also reveals that other major vendors are using Xen for their upcoming desktop hypervisors.

One is Lenovo, which announced a generic hypervisor for its notebook in March. Other remarkable ones are Intel, HP and Dell.
As didn’t attend the presentation we can’t say if these companies are building their own Xen-based hypervisors like Phoenix or if Crosby included them in the slide for other reasons.

This post will be updated with more details as soon as possible.