EMC on stage at the Virtualization Congress 2008

At the Virtualization Congress, that event that virtualization.info will held in London in mid October, there will be all stars on stage.

VPs, CTOs, Technical Fellows and Lead Architects will cover all aspects of virtualization, from the hypervisor high-availability to the virtual application delivery, from the virtual machines performance tracking to virtual desktop optimization.

In each scenario mentioned above one component is specially important: the storage.

Chad Sakac, Senior Director of VMware Strategic Alliance at EMC, will have a lot to say on stage about the storage consumption and performance when running virtualized desktops and servers, when performing virtual machines backup and restore, and much more:



The Virtualization Congress 2008 is around the corner: October 14-16, 2008 (the first day is dedicated just to distributors and resellers and the entrance is free) at London ExCeL.

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