Microsoft releases Hyper-V 1.0 exam details and online courses

As revealed in June, Microsoft is preparing its first certification exam for the new Hyper-V 1.0: 70-652 – Technical Specialist (TS): Windows Server Virtualization, Configuring.

The company plans to release the exam in August and already published the detailed list of exam subjects (edited to simplify the reading):

Installing Hyper-V (14%)

  • Select and configure hardware to meet Hyper-V prerequisites (evaluate the existing environment, disk/LUN, memory requirements, correct CPU/BIOS, networking/NIC, etc.)
  • Configure Windows Server 2008 for Hyper-V (identify requirements, deploy Hyper-V with SCVMM), Microsoft Assessment and Planning tool, install on Full, install on Core, etc.)
  • Configure Hyper-V to be highly available (failover clustering, disk structure, network, etc.)

Configuring and Optimizing Hyper-V (20%)

  • Manage and optimize the Hyper-V server (VHD location, snapshot location, Systems Center, SCVMM, Authorization Manager, release key, performance monitoring of Windows 2008,etc.)
  • Configure virtual networking (Virtual Network Manager tool, SCVMM, virtual switches, VLAN tagging, external/private/internal switches, etc.)
  • Configure remote administration (install Hyper-V manager on Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista; WMI, WinRM, firewall settings, RDP, etc.)

Deploying Virtual Machines (30%)

  • Migrate a computer to Hyper-V (from Virtual Server 2005, from Acronis, from Virtual PC, from Hyper-V, Intel to AMD virtual machine state, by using SCVMM 2008 with P2V and V2V, Integration Services/Virtual Machine additions, Assessment and Planning tool. etc.)
  • Create or clone a virtual machine (prepare guest operating system for sysprep, differencing disks, copying VHDs, SCVMM 2008, PXE Boot , manage the Self Service portal, Windows Deployment Services, etc.)
  • Create a virtual disk (pass-through disks, fixed vs. dynamic, differencing disks, IDE vs SCSI, Virtual Hard Disk Wizard. etc.)
  • Manage templates, profiles, and the image library by using SCVMM 2008 (ISOs, VHDs, deployment from library, etc.)

Managing and Monitoring Virtual Machines (36%)

  • Monitor and optimize virtual machines (Tool: Reliability and performance monitor, Tool: SCVMM, processor, optimize memory, network, disks, etc.)
  • Manage virtual machine settings (DVD/ISO, NIC, Integration Services, state of virtual machines, Hypercall adapter availability requirements, reboot/start options, BIOS, memory, Processor, etc.)
  • Manage snapshots and backups (backups of a VM by using VSS Data Protection Manager (DPM), backup within a virtual machine, snapshots. etc.)
  • Configure a virtual machine for high availability (quick migration, storage redundancy, perform a manual failover, live migration if available, networking redundancy, etc.)

As part of the preparation material Microsoft also made available two free online courses (each one two hours long):