VDIworks launches VDI plug-in for Microsoft Operation Manager 2007 and Hyper-V 1.0

In May the US firm known as ClearCube decided to spin off its software division focused on VDI and found an independent company called VDIworks.

It didn’t take much before VDIworks entered the market with its first product: the company announces today VDIvision for Microsoft System Center Operation Manager (SCOM) 2007.

The just released Hyper-V 1.0 doesn’t have in fact any connection brokering capability and Microsoft doesn’t seem to have any plan to include such feature into the upcoming System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) 2008.
Therefore some VDI vendors like Quest (through its Provision Networks subsidiary), Desktone and obviously Citrix have a new preferred partner to work with (VMware is a risky player after the acquisition of Propero).

VDIworks joins the companies above with an interesting approach: rather than extending the capabilities of SCVMM, the just released plug-in works with SCOM.

The product uses SCOM to discover the entire virtual infrastructure and generate usage and healthy reports.
On top of that it offers a connection broker with load balancing capabilities (CPU, memory or other constrains can be configured) and Active Directory integration for granular permission setting.


The product is available at the price of $29 per concurrent user (of course this doesn’t include the SCOM 2007 licensing).