Vizioncore working on automated capacity planning, application monitoring and VM lifecycle management

In an interview given to, Chris Akerberg, President and COO of Vizioncore, reveals three major areas where the Quest subsidiary is looking at: capacity planning automation, monitoring of applications inside virtual machines and VM lifecycle management.

This last point implies that Vizioncore is working on correlates what happens at virtualization level and at the guest OS level, providing a better understanding of the virtual data center performance trends.

To do so Vizioncore will leverage the long-term Quest experience in applications, database and OS management that made the company famous, but will have to compete with other firms entering this critical space.
The long term partner VMware is one of them now that announced the acquisition of B-hive. Another one is eG Innovations with its VM Monitor.

The last and apparently most imminent news is related to the entrance of Vizioncore in the VM Lifecycle Management space, where the company plans to launch something this year.

Not too surprisingly, in the interview Akerberg also confirms that Vizioncore is having discussions with Microsoft and Citrix but at the moment they will stay focused on VMware support only.
We’ll see if this strategy will change as soon as VMware integrates the B-hive technologies.